Emotional Literacy; Intelligence with Heart.

Copyright 2003 by Claude M. Steiner.

This is an extensive revision and update of Achieving Emotional Literacy: A Personal Program to Increase your Emotional Intelligence by Claude Steiner and Paul Perry. Avon Books, 1979

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Table of Contents        



Introduction; A personal history of the development of Emotional Literacy Training program.

Chapter 1. What is Emotional Literacy? A definition of emotional literacy

Chapter 2. Becoming Aware of your Emotions. The Emotional Awareness Scale and a Questionnaire

Chapter 3. Training to be Emotionally Literate. An introduction to the training process


Chapter 4. Opening the Heart. Learning to love and be loved.

Chapter 5. Surveying the Emotional Landscape. Learning about the emotional environment we live in.

Chapter 6. The Mistakes we Make and Why we Make Them

Chapter 7. Taking Responsibility. Repairing emotional damage.


Chapter 8. Loving, Parenting and Working. Exploring three special areas in need of emotional literacy.   

Chapter 9. The Emotional Warrior. Taking emotional literacy to the streets.

Chapter 10. One Last Word.

Notes for philosophers


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